Fisk University History

1865 The End of the Civil War

In 1865, 就在内战结束后的六个月,也就是《澳门皇冠赌场平台》颁布后的两年, three men — John Ogden, the Reverend Erastus Milo Cravath, and the Reverend Edward P. Smith — established the Fisk School in Nashville.

The school was named in honor of General Clinton B. Fisk of the Tennessee Freedmen's Bureau, 是谁在纳什维尔联合车站现址附近的前联邦军营为新机构提供了设施. In these facilities Fisk convened its first classes on January 9, 1866. The first students ranged in age from seven to seventy, 但他们都有奴役和贫穷的共同经历——以及对学习的非凡渴望.

1867 Fisk University is Incorporated

菲斯克创始人的工作是由美国传教士协会赞助的,该协会后来成为联合基督教会的一部分, with which Fisk retains an affiliation today.

Ogden, Cravath, and Smith, along with others in their movement, 共同梦想着建立一个对所有人开放的教育机构, regardless of race, and that would measure itself by "the highest standards, not of Negro education, but of American education at its best." Their dream was incorporated as Fisk University on August 22, 1867.


菲斯克卓越的传统是在充满斗争和不确定性的历史中发展起来的. 菲斯克举世闻名的Jubilee Singers®起源于10月6日从纳什维尔出发的一群旅行学生, 1871, 并带走了学校所有的资金作为旅费, 祈祷通过他们的音乐,他们能筹到足够的钱,让债台高筑的学校敞开大门.

The singers struggled at first, but before long, 他们的表演让观众们激动不已,他们的演出足迹遍及美国和欧洲, moving to tears audiences that included William Lloyd Garrison, Wendell Phillips, Ulysses S. 格兰特、威廉·格莱斯顿、马克·吐温、约翰·施特劳斯和维多利亚女王.

To this day, each October 6, 菲斯克停下来纪念歌手们1871年离开校园的周年纪念日. The contemporary Jubilee Singers, a Grammy recipient group, 在一所大学的毕业典礼上表演,并在一天的仪式结束时前往原歌手的墓地朝圣, where once again, the old songs are sung at the burial places of their first performers.

1876 Jubilee Hall is Built

Fisk Jubilee Singers®将灵歌作为一种音乐类型介绍给了世界上的许多人,并在此过程中筹集了资金,以保护他们的大学并允许建造Jubilee Hall, 这是南方第一个为黑人学生教育而建的永久性建筑. As a designated National Historical Landmark, today, Jubilee Hall remains the dramatic focal point of Fisk's campus.

1930 Recognition & Accreditation

甚至在非裔美国人机构获得区域认证之前, 菲斯克获得了全国顶尖大学的认可, 并通过纽约州董事会等机构,使菲斯克学院的毕业生能够进入研究生院和专业学院攻读高级学位.

Then, in 1930, 菲斯克成为第一个获得南方学院和学校协会认证的非裔美国人机构. 它也是美国大学协会(1933年)和美国大学妇女协会(1948年)批准名单上的第一个这样的机构。.

1953 The Phi Beta Kappa Society

成立于1776年的Phi Beta Kappa是美国历史最悠久、最广为人知的学术荣誉协会. In 1953, 菲斯克在一个以黑人为主的校园里获得了Phi Beta Kappa协会第一章的特许状.

1978 A National Historic District

Jubilee HallIn February, 1978, 菲斯克校区因其建筑风格而被指定为国家历史区, historic, and cultural significance.

Distinguished Faculty & Alumni

从成立之初,菲斯克就在非裔美国人的教育中发挥了领导作用. Fisk faculty and alumni have been among America's intellectual, artistic, and civic leaders in every generation since the University's beginning.

Historic Fisk Faculty

  • W.E.B. Du Bois (Fisk class of 1888), the great social critic and co-founder of the NAACP
  • Booker T. Washington, 他是伟大的教育家,是杜波依斯著名的哲学对手,也是塔斯基吉大学的创始人, served on Fisk's Board of Trustees, married a Fisk alumna, and sent his children to Fisk
  • Ida B. Wells-Barnett, the crusading journalist, attended Fisk
  • Charles Spurgeon Johnson菲斯克的第一位黑人校长,帮助构思了现代社会学
  • The distinguished artist Aaron Douglas served on the Fisk faculty for many years, 他的壁画装饰着大学伊拉斯图斯·米洛·克拉沃斯大厅的墙壁
  • Arna Bontemps, Sterling A. Brown, Robert Hayden, and James Weldon Johnson 是几位成为美国文学重要人物的菲斯克教员之一吗
  • The acclaimed composer-musicologists John W. Work Sr., John W. Work, Jr., and John W. Work, III were Fisk alumni and members of the faculty
  • Saint Elmo Brady, one of the first African Americans to achieve eminence in chemistry, was for many years on the Fisk faculty
  • Elmer Samuel Imes, a Fisk alumnus (Fisk Class of 1903) whose work provided an early verification of quantum theory. 他是高分辨率红外光谱最早的应用之一,并提供了分子的第一个详细光谱, 通过红外光谱对分子结构进行了研究:他在1941年去世之前一直担任菲斯克物理系的主任.

Accomplished Fisk Alumni

  • Johnetta Betsch Cole, Ph.D., former president of Spelman College and Bennett College for Women
  • Dennis D. Deveaux, director of finance for Toyota's North American Material Handling
  • Rel Dowdell, acclaimed filmmaker and producer
  • Judith Jamison他是著名的舞蹈家、编舞家和阿尔文·艾黎美国舞蹈剧院的艺术总监
  • Diane Nash, leader of the Nashville Civil Rights Movement
  • The Honorable Hazel R. O'Leary, J.D., seventh U.S Secretary of Energy and past president of Fisk University
  • Alma Powell, author and co-founder of America's Promise Alliance  (7)
  • Carolyn Reid-Wallace, Ph.D., scholar and author, former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, and former president of Fisk University
  • Niara Sudarkasa, Ph.D.她是宾夕法尼亚州林肯大学的前校长,也是唯一的女校长
  • Kym Whitley, actor and comedienne
  • John Hope Franklin他是研究非裔美国人经历的最杰出的历史学家,也是澳门皇冠赌场平台的校友.
  • Timothy B. Donaldson, 巴哈马驻美国大使和常驻美洲国家组织代表, is a Fisk alumnus.
  • Nikki Giovanni, an award-winning contemporary poet
  • David Levering Lewis, two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and professor
  • John Lewis, civil rights activist and U.S. Representative (D-GA).
  • Mandisa Hundley, Grammy-Award-winning singer (Former Jubilee Singer)
  • Johnny Simmons, 艾美奖获奖摄影师,他打破了障碍,成为第一批进入ASC联盟的黑人电影摄影师之一.

在塑造美国黑人学习和文化的过程中,可能没有任何一所学校能像菲斯克学院那样发挥如此重要的作用. 菲斯克的领导和卓越传统贯穿了整个20世纪,并一直延续至今. Thurgood Marshall, 他后来成为美国最高法院第一位非洲裔大法官, was among the early participants in Charles S. Johnson's famous Race Relations Institute at Fisk.

A Leader in the Education of African Americans